Welcome to Phonics Fantasy Theater- Changing the Face of Phonics™. We are the source for Phonics education and entertainment through our groundbreaking Phonics Fantasy Dance™. What is Phonics Fantasy Dance™? Phonics Fantasy Dance™ is the innovative dancing revolution that synchronizes letter-sounds with West African-Caribbean dance moves. Children learn by doing, using their kinesthetic sense and getting plenty of physical exercise, while internalizing the letter-sound relationships; thereby, developing their reading and spelling skills! Children have the opportunity to imitate the close-up speech sound production of our instructor.

Currently we offer two independent projects, a live performance, Alice’s Phonics Fantasy and a DVD, Phonics Fantasy Dance™. Alice’s Phonics Fantasy brings letter-sounds to life in our imaginative musical theater production that introduces Phonics Fantasy Dance™. Our DVD entitled Phonics Fantasy Dance™ reinforces the letter-sounds through repetition and engaging activities in a language-rich context. Using evidence-based instruction, Ms. CJay and friends will put the power of literacy in your child’s reach through our fun-filled dance moves. Watch your child fall in love with reading as they internalize letter-sounds. Both the performance and the DVD are innovative, multi-sensory, original teaching tools, which will supplement any phonics, language arts, or reading program. Our DVD may be considered for use by Headstart and Title I programs.

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Our Award Winning DVD
Develop your child's reading 
skills through dance!


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“Develop your child’s reading skills through dance!”